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Live Entertainment 2014 
Sept 5th
Bob & Missy Tucker Band
A great time to ba had by all when this band plays! 

Sept 6th
Acoustic Classic Rock
Beatles, Eagles, Byrds and more...

Sept 12th
Robert Allen
Wausau, WI
Focusing on pop, rock, and alternative covers from the 60's to the present, Bob is sure to play something you'll love.  Primarily known as the lead singer of Central Wisconsin cover band, Rebel One, Bob puts on a fun show every time. Whether you just enjoy relaxing and having a drink or you like to dance and sing along, come on out and have a good time! 

Sept 13th
Mike Murphy and the MOB
This Midwest recording artist was born in April, 1950, and raised in the midst of the heat and fervor of a Southern Baptist environment. Michael Murphy sings with all the emotion of an old time “tent revival” preacher. Michael cut his vocal teeth in the church his Grandmother forced him to attend... everytime the doors opened! It was this gospel singing that led Michael to appreciate and understand the feeling with which his fellow churchgoers sang. The emotion and honesty expressed in these vocalizations stuck with him. He can’t just sing quietly, instead, he belts out his songs with all the “gut-bucket” energy he can muster. His guitar playing reflects the same kind of fervent fire that you’ll find in his haunting, soulful vocals.
"But, whatever you call him, you have to call him a blues singer."
He is called the "Big Dog", because of his rather large stature, and his "gravelly, growling" voice. He's also known as the "Memphis Ghost", as his extremely light skin complexion, beneath stage lighting teases the imagination to believe. But, whatever you call him, you have to call him a blues singer. He won't let you call him a "bluesman", even though he is no stranger to a life of hardship and pain, with the occasional instance of joy and laughter. "Bluesmen", he says, "are men like Charlie Patton, Robert Johnson, B.B. King. They created the music. They blazed the trail. I just follow the path. I just love it, and play it."
Whether offering a fast, sizzling, deep-fried, foot stompin' song, or, as he calls'em, a "buckle polishin'" slow blues number, his style keeps you wanting to hear more and more. His fans lament that they find themselves having to leave the show when it’s over, still wanting more. But, one thing they all agree on. They always leave his performances feeling much better than when they came in. As Bruce Pratt, an East coast event promoter puts it, “Dog gives you a twenty dollar show for a two dollar ticket!”
He is one of the finest blues vocalists around, and an excellent guitarist as well, with a guitar style that echoes his vocal style - raw, emotional, and honest.
When complimented on his singing and playing, he just grins and mutters, in an almost Elvis kind of way, “Thank you very much.” But, when he is sitting around with his friends and fellow musicians, you might hear him say, “Shoot. I wouldn’t hire me as a guitar player!”
But don’t you let that remark fool you. He is one of the hottest players and singers in the genre today. Not, blazing, slinger fast, but extremely emotional, and uncomplicated. Of his playing he says, “I just bend’em till they sound right."
He has the ability to transport you to a particular place in time, when he sings and plays. He captures your heart and soul, and takes you with him, to wherever, whatever and whoever he is singing about. You feel like you are there in every circumstance, every heart-break, every moment of rejoicing and laughter, every discovery of self. And, he does it with a boyish, honest, storytelling charm, within a craft honed through years and years of sitting in dark corners, walking on beer stained, peanut hull covered floors, and, befriending every stage on which he sat or stood. 
He is just as at home in the blue glow of neon lit beer signs, as he is in the concert hall; and, is quite comfortable in the moving shadows given life by a small juke-joint’s lamps, swinging over an old, booze stained pool table. He calls every waitress “Darlin’”, and every bar-tender “Sir”. He is a product of a time when life was hard, and complicated only if you let it defeat you. His was a life lived making memories. He knows pain. He knows joy. He knows love and heartache. He knows defeat and victory.  He knows the blues.
Michael Murphy. The Big Dog. The Memphis Ghost. He is quite a character. He is a song.

Sept 19th
Bourbon House
Bourbon House is an energetic acoustic act from central Wisconsin founded by vocalist Lacey Crowe-Mortenson and guitarist Jason Mortenson.
They cover Led Zeppelin, Heart, Halestorm, Beatles, Rob Zombie, Soundgarden, Guns N Roses, Amy Winehouse, Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, Aerosmith, Foreigner, etc. 

Sept 20th
The Wade Fernandez Band
Keshena, WI
Soaring from Menominee Indian Reservation roots, Wade knows how to both soothe and rock. With versatility, he honors tradition while forging ahead in an ever expanding world of music. Award-winning vocals, guitar, songwriting, native flute & drumming, all flow from deep within a rich blood memory, echoing his words, "Music is a very powerful gift to be returned and shared in a good way."
As a well-established performer shows include; The Honor The Earth Tour, Woodstock '94, The Reebok Human Rights Awards (2002 Winter Olympics), Ed McMahon's Next Big Star, Chicago's World Music Festival, Canada's Aboriginal People's Choice Awards, and Germany's Tollwood Festival. Wade jammed stages with many artists including Jackson Browne and The Indigo Girls and continues to tour.
2010 national Community Spirit Award
With the "diversatility" of Wade's CD "4 the People" he won the 2007 "Best Contemporary Instrumental" and believe it or not, best "Country" from the North American ISMA awards while also being in the Top 5 for best "Classic Rock", "Pop", "Flute", and "Blues" recording of the year. 4 the People also had Wade nominated for "Artist of the Year" and "Best Rock Recording" from the NAMMYs. The recording even made it into the GRAMMY voting process for "Best Rock Instrumental Performance", "Record of the Year", and "Best Contemporary Folk/Americana Album".

2006 Wade won "Best Male Artist of the Year" award from the NAMMYS and was among the Top 5 for "Best Pop/Rock Recording" and best "Long/Short Form Video".

2004 & '06 nominations "Best Male Artist," "Songwriter of the Year," "Blues/Jazz Recording of the Year" "Pop/Rock Recording of the Year" "Classic Rock" "Contemporary Instrumental" nominee from the Native American Music Awards (Nammys) and/or the Indian Summer Music Awards (ISMA)
2001 "Writer of the Year", Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers
2005-6 numerous awards and screenings for Wade's music video Commodity Cheese Blues
Medal of Honor from the Menominee Nation

Sept 26th
Grayling Pingel
Clintonville. WI

Sept 27th
The BlueTones
Milwaukee, WI
From Muddy Waters to Albert King this band blends rock, blues and R&B and will keep you dancin all night long!!

Oct 3rd
Kellerville, MI
Kellerville is both real and imagined. On the edge of lake michigan, nestled in the crook of willow trees in Cross Village is a tiny part of town where Lee Dyer and Holly Keller both grew up playing music. After many years of separate creation they formed an original acoustic duo to bring them back to the town that wrought them, and bring a new age to the folks who came before. With songs of storytelling and personal experience, let Lee and Holly paint you a picture of home with a song. Welcome to Kellerville.
The combined songwriting of Holly Keller and Lee Dyer. A blend of folk jazz and blues that tugs at your sleeve, gently pulling you out of your troubles and into the grass where you're sure to stay and dream for a while.
We like Twilight Hotel, Brandi Carlile, Tom Waits, Nina Simone, The Beatles, Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros, Cold War Kids, Band Of Horse

Oct 4th
Unified Soul
Wausau and Green Bay, WI
These guys play R&B, Funk, Soul, Smooth R&B, Jazz and a sprinkle of your Old Time Rock & Roll and Classic Rock favorites.
 Unified Soul has been together for 10 years strong since 1998 continuing to spread their message of Peace, Love and Harmony amongst all people. Unified Soul’s venues are casinos, premier clubs, festivals, weddings, and all other private and corporate events. 
Outside of traveling and playing music David Deon owns a production company/recording studio 
Unified Talent Production(UTP) is a production company where the members of Unified Soul are songwriters and independent producers. UTP provides Songwriting, Artist Development, Independent Production projects, Demo Packages and have a functional recording studio in Wausau, WI. Writing styles include R&B, Soul, Neo-Soul, Hip Hop, Pop and Gospel primarily but not limited to those styles. The team is made up of Vocalist/Songwriter David Deon, a native of Nashville, Tn. with roots also in Atlanta. Keyboardist/Songwriter Marquis of Chicago, Ill. Mark and David Deon met in Greenbay, Wi. in 1995 and have been performing and collaborating every since and Jo-Jo Holloway of Rochester NY. This songwriting and producer trio are working with several artist including there own personal projects in Wisconsin and other areas throughout the midwest. The UTP team are interested in a songwriting deal and breaking into the music business as independent producers.

Oct 10th
Clinton J Miller
Bowler, WI
North Central Wisconsin based musician Clinton Miller brings a blend of his original solo acoustic guitar music and selected classic covers. A mixed bag of music ranging from The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, 70s prog rock bands and various classic album sets.
Clinton’s latest cd “The Lazarus Sessions, 1997~2000” will be available at this show

Oct 11th
Mathew Haeffel Band
Milwaukee, WI
From performance adjustments, to a heavy player rotation, Mathew Haeffel's dynamic presence is constantly in a fluid state of change, and evolving at a rapid pace. Hard to pigeon hole, Milwaukee's cultural newspaper, "The Shepherd Express" described Haeffel's original self penned sound as "Groove-oriented improvisational-minded folk rock with a smattering of world music flavors..." -Jamie Lee Rake (Shepherd Express June 8, 2008). Mathew's eclectic sound and professional drive has yielded many acolytes for him, since he began his career in 2002. Some of his achievements include nearly 900 shows performed across the Midwest in 60 different cities at over 200 different venues. Always humble on a personal level and extremely dedicated to the art of music, Haeffel plans to continue to do what he loves for years to come. 
Although Mathew calls Milwaukee Wisconsin home, he performs throughout the region regularly. He has been fortunate enough to grace the stages of a variety of clubs, restaurants, colleges, festivals, and coffee houses throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota.
In early 2010 Mathew released his first first full length LP, “Rhythm Ethics”. This album is by far Mathew’s best sounding to date, and continues to be well received by fans and critics a like. Recorded at United Technique Recording Studio in Chicago Illinois, it consists of top end recording techniques fused with quality studio guests including, the great twin cities based organist Ricky Peterson (John Mayer, Prince, Bonnie Raitt…) Milwaukee Wisconsin based bassist Matt Turner (BoDeans, De la Buena, Stealin’ Strings…), Milwaukee based bassist Larry Hubbard (Bass X), and Milwaukee based drummer Cody Calderon (Chinese Fingertrap, Herman Astro, etc.). The support from these quality musicians during the recording of “Rhythm Ethics”, reflects Mathew’s maturity as a performer, and respect other working musicians have for his sound.
Due in part to the success of "Rhythm Ethics" along with the collective support from his fans, Mathew has been working hard to put the finishing touches on a new single in 2011. Scheduled to be released in early fall, "Hey But A What A", will once again reflect Mathew's creativety and thirst to be innovative in the recording process. Recorded at Top Soil Studios in Oshkosh by Brian Koehler, "Hey But A What A" marks the first official time that he has recorded a song exclusively in the classic analog tape medium. Backing Haeffel up in prime style on this new song, are the great Milwaukee musicians Dan "Buddah" Budziszewski (Ian And The Dream, Shoeless Revolution...) on organ, rhodes piano, and backing vocals, and the late Milwaukee drummer Tim Reck (The Reck Room, The Crooked Keys, Micah Olsan And The Hype Machine...) on drums and backing vocals.
Always humble on a personal level and extremely driven professionally, Haeffel plans to continue to utilize all available avenues, as a means to do what he loves for years to come. In turn he plans to maintain his loyalty to the art of music, and to encourage other musicians who encounter him to do so as well.

Oct 17th
Mike Magee
Shawano, WI
Covering several genres, Mike plays music that takes you through decades of favorites with his own twist as well as playing originals that come straight from the heart.
Oct 18th

Oct 24th
Tim Dorsey
Tim covers a Variety of Songs: Classics, Motown, jazz, soul, R&B, pop and funk, including covers of various artists.

Oct 25th
The Naturals
Wausau, WI
50's and 60's Good ol' Rock n Roll!!

Oct 31st
Halloween Show
Costume Contest midnite
Rebel 1

Rebel One has been influenced by many different artists, including...Nirvana, Metallica, Incubus, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Guns N' Roses, Jamiroquai, Dave Matthews Band, August Burns Red, Tool, Stone Temple Pilots, Weezer, Alice In Chains, and many, many others. They are focused on playing music that they enjoy and having a great time while they do it. If it's not fun, it's not worth it!

Bob primarily plays a Fender American Standard Telecaster through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe tube amp and uses a wide array of effect pedals.

Wyatt plays through an Ampeg SVT-3 Pro Bass Head, which powers either an Ampeg SVT-410HLF or BXT-410HL Enclosure.

Chad plays on a 4-piece Mapex Saturn Series drumset with Tama and Pearl hardware. He also uses both Vic Firth SD2 Bolero and Zildjian Dave Grohl Signature Series sticks.
Rebel One is a Central Wisconsin cover band that focuses primarily on '90s alternative music, but plays a wide range of music from the '60s through the present. They are focused on having fun and providing great entertainment, all while playing some of their favorite music. If you want to have a good time listening to a professional cover band that plays great music, Rebel One is your band!

Nov 1st
Buck Johnson and the Plumbers
There’s no one named Buck in the band, and none of them are plumbers. Just three old friends playing a whole bunch of their favorite tunes. Cuda on acoustic guitar, Carl on the bass with a hole, and Jason on the GuiTurk™, a hand-built guitar-based drum emulator. Old blues, classic rock and roll, country, lengthy Crazy Horse-style jams, and a handful of originals make up their set. But please don’t ask for ‘Mustang Sally’. (It makes Carl cranky…)

Nov 7th
Tim Balke

Nov 8th

Nov 14th
Bill Hurley and Mike Daley

Nov 15th
Hott Saxxx

Nov 21st
J-me Baptist

Nov 22nd

Nov 28th

Nov 29th
Burnt Toast & Jam

Dec 5th
Ric Stream

Dec 6th
The Lizardz

Dec 12th
Jerry Duginski
"The Man Stallion"

Dec 13th
Bob & Missy Tucker Band

Dec 19th
Bourbon House

Dec 20th
The Naturals



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