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Sept 3rd
Revolution Band

Great Rock Party Band!!! Gonna Rock your socks off all nigh long!

Sept 9th
Michael Miller

An exciting one man act featuring acoustic covers and great energy. Plays a collection of rock, pop, and alternative music spanning from the early 60s to present day."

Sept 10th

Wisconsin Rapids, WI
It was a dark and stormy night. The time was somewhere around 1989, and the place, well the place was the late and now legendary central Wisconsin blues bar, McNasty's. The bar was host to many state blues performers---Billy Flynn, Paul Black (& the Flip Kings), Blue Max, Otis & the Alligators, and many more. As most blues bars do, jam sessions were a regular part of the scene at McNasty's, so it was only a matter of time until some smart-aleck customers who had played in bands during high school decided to give the jam session a try. When the band needed a name, they came up with Lars & the Lizards just to pimp Otis' group, who was playing the next night. After the ragtag musicians played the jam, the name stuck like superglue, and a band was born. The band consisted of harmonica player/vocalist/lyricist extraordinare Larry Steinke, bass player Grant Meyer, guitar player Milo Plante, and keyboardist Mark Larson. The drummer, ever a mystery, was probably local music-scene fixture Roger Vantry, but nobody really knows for sure. For the next decade-plus, the band has been a regular on the central Wisconsin music scene playing local clubs, parties, benefits, and the occasional wedding. During the intervening years, a number of musicians have orbited in and out of the band including our current drummer Jack Faville, blues guitar king Kevin Stellman, long-time drummer Brian Weigand, even a guest appearance from legendary harpist Madison Slim. Slim enamored himself to the band by getting stinking drunk, playing some mean blues harp, passing out face first in the beer cooler, and walking off with one of Larry's harmonicas when he came to and stumbled out. Two weeks later he's backing up some national artist on Letterman. I kid you not. The addition of Bill Rodencal as lead guitar player in the mid-90's resulted in a stable line-up and our most productive years as a band.

The basic band: Larry, Milo, Mark, Grant, Brian and Bill played for many years together as the ultimate "under the radar" cover band. We played the Doors, Stones, Dead, Floyd. the Who, Petty, you name it. The band early on made a pact to always play what we wanted, to always play new songs every gig, and to never play Stairway to Heaven, Freebird, or any Bob Seeger (sorry folks...). After several years of bar gigs and biker parties (we love those wet T-shirt contests!) Larry decided to leave the band one Christmas about three years ago. Without "Lars", the band morphed into the Lizardz before you knew it. Last year Bill chose to take a hiatus from playing while he devoted his full attention to two successful businesses and a beautiful wife and two daughters. While playing one of our last gigs with Bill, Brenda Haessig sang a few songs with the Lizardz for a benefit show at a hot air balloon rally for the Children's Miracle Network. We dug the female vocals and liked the idea of a lead vocalist again, so Brenda joined the group soon after. Our drummer left six months later for various mysterious reasons. To make a long story short, we convinced Jack Faville, who had drummed for us years ago to join and also retained the talents of Jeff Gauss, lead guitar player for the Madison-based group "The Weavils". In a bsuy crazy world, personal lives and committments take their toll, and in 2006-2007, the band lost Jack, gained Travis Plantico on drums, lost Travis on drums, and recently lost Brenda, who is taking an indefinite hiatus with the band as she follows family and passions. And after 17 days in the band ( a NEW Lizard record!) Patty Meronek came and went after a very promising start. Drummer Tom Clasen joined us for a time, and has gone on to get married and run a successful business. And now, with the addition of crack drummer Travis Plantico, and ace bassist Jamie Bruhn, we have regained our roots and are anxious to get playing and recording once again. In August of 2013, we released our first recorded album, "Eyeblinder", and Jamie and Mark traveled to London and had tracks mastered at Abbey Road Studios. Alex Wharton, AR mastering engineer did two tracks with us and the 12 remaining tracks done wih the magic of cloud file transfers. We had CD's produced as well as vinyl. And hen there's hat collision with our world and the world of Blue Oyster Cult. Bottom line: two tracks features guitar work and mixing by legendary guitarist and founding member of BOC Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser and one track features a blazing guitar solo by guitarist Richie Castellano. We have made many friends along the way and have finally been able to make some fine music too!

So come out and hear the new, old Lizardz! We're up to out eyeballs in classic British rock of the Kinks, the Who, Stones, Floyd, and, of course the boys from Liverpool too. We also dip into the Dead, Petty, CSNY, Allmans, and other tasty bands made in the the US of A. We still don't play Skynrd - let next week's band take care of that, but hang on for a wild ride Lizard Style. Ya won't miss Freebird, I guarantee!!

Sept 16th
Jerry Duginski

He lives the Life of a Rockstar so you don't have too...:)

Sept 17th
The Bluecollar Blues Band

Hoss Hosmer - Guitar & Vocals
Russ Allen - Drums & Vocals
Terry Mewhorter - Harmonica & Vocals
Mike Meidl - Saxophone & Vocals
Chico Johnson - Bass & Vocals

Blues!, Americana, Bluegrass, Classic and Alternative Country Music, but mostly Blues.

Sept 23rd
Three Drag Pass

Reggae Rock band from Wisco!
Jake Rock - Vocals/Guitar, Rasta Ryan - Vocals/Guitar, Duffey - Keys, Hunlar - Drums, Lala - Vocals/Bass, Red Ben - Horns

Sept 24th
Augie's Blues Experiment

Sept 30th
Eddie Biebel

Oct 1st

Shawano County's Best Road Band!
If your ready to ROCK be There or Be Square!!

Oct 7th
J-me Baptist

Wausau, WI
With an eclectic acoustic collection of classic rock hits, obscure covers, top 40 favorites and original tunes with a punk rock twist, all from a voice that'll stick in your head long after the night is over

Oct 8th
Lonesome Red and the Bluestrings
Classic Country and Americana

Eric Bestul - guitar/steel/banjo/mandolin
Amanda Bestul - upright bass
Kevin Moore - vocals/guitar
Ryan Zylka - vocals/guitar

(Lonesome Red and the Blue Strings) "carry on that Traditional Country Music I KNOW they live for" Gary Hayes Country

Oct 14th
Kyle Mertz
Kyle Mertz is a singer songwriter from Northern Wisconsin. Though music has always been a hobby of his he has only recently made the transition to full time performer. Since making the transition he has been performing for crowds throughout the Midwest starting in 2011. Steadily growing his reach and fan base Kyle has been earning his place in the Midwest indie music scene. With a strong drive and love of performing he has been constantly adding new venue after new venue to showcase his talents. It is that drive that made it possible for him to perform 297 shows in 2015 alone. Drawing crowds and new fans with each show through his stage presents and huge list of cover songs mixed with his original material. Constantly working to keep his material up to date but never forgetting the classic crowd favorites. Drawing influence from just about every genre Kyle is a fan of many musical styles and tries to incorporate as many of those influences as possible into his playing.

Oct 15th
Irenes Garden
Organic Rock that feeds the Soul

Oct 21st
Bob and Missy Tucker Band
Join Bob and Missy and friends for a GREAT night of entertainment, from Patsy Cline to the Eagles... A crowd please for sure!!

Oct 22nd
Mojo Perry Band
"There is a fine line where Blues, Rock, and Pure Originality meet
and on that fine line you'll find Mojo Perry."Some call him Acid Rock. Others Call him Blues. Even the word Psychedelic is often used: Beautiful, Intense, Passionate, and many others are also used to describe Mojo Perry's "Northern Sound". However, the facts remain indisputable: You'll find him performing at Blues Festivals, Rock Festivals, your average Joe bar, the big stage opening for National Acts, Headlining his own shows, and if you're lucky.... Inside an Art gallery performing "Blizzard Music; his Avante Gard Guitar looping...

Pure Originality! Blues Infused Psychedelic Rock !
So Out: It's In...

Oct 28th
3 Guyz

Jake Rock- Vocals/Guitar
C-Los- Vocals/Guitar/Keys/Bass

3 Guyz is a unique variety band covering rock, pop and country from the 50's to today.

Oct 29th
Halloween Party
Adam Trask Band

Nov 4th
Mike Magee
Covering several genres, Mike plays music that takes you through decades of favorites with his own twist as well as playing originals that come straight from the heart.

Nov 5th
Mike Murphy and the MOB
A different shade of blues describes the creative and entertaining playing style of Midwest recording artist Michael “Big Dog” Murphy. His playing style is a more aggressive interpretation of the blues that is fueled by passion and guided by his heartfelt emotions. As he stays true to the feeling of the blues, Michael Murphy takes a different approach by delivering a mix of traditional with a twist for the unexpected. The Blues is a state of mind, and Michael Murphy’s state of mind is to take you for a memorable ride on the blues train that you will never forget...get your ticket and hold on for a wonderful experience that you will never forget!
The Men Of Blues, or MOB, for short, is a very aggressive blues band with a heavy rock influence. They offer many different styles of blues and older 60’s and 70’s classic and folk-rock tunes, all freshly interpreted with their own style! And Michael’s original tunes are so good, seldom do people recognize them as NOT being songs by otherwise famous artists. Although not really a dance club band, their sound and music are very danceable. And people like to dance to their
music, but they seldom take their eyes off of the band. Many of today’s dance bands depend on not only talent, but also lighting gimmicks and other visual aids. The MOB, with the immense talent and member interaction on stage, do not rely on gimmicks! They are not “a copy band!” They don’t sound like anybody else! They are, simply put, the MOB!
Find out more about Michael “Big Dog” Murphy here:

Nov 11
Maxwell Jones and Keith Farnum
It is true that Max Jones and Keith Farnum are not the prettiest musicians you will ever see. However, what they lack in visual appeal they make up for with emotion and guts; both of which spill out freely during their blues and classic rock duo show. Armed with guitar and bass, Max and Keith will Robert Johnson and Jimi Hendrix and everything in between; all of your favorites, including songs that you were not aware were your favorites until you heard them done by Max and Keith. Your search for soulful, dirty blues and rock ends here.

Nov 12th
Matt Haeffel Trio

Milwaukee, WI
From performance adjustments, to a heavy player rotation, Mathew Haeffel's dynamic presence is constantly in a fluid state of change, and evolving at a rapid pace. Hard to pigeon hole, Milwaukee's cultural newspaper, "The Shepherd Express" described Haeffel's original self penned sound as "Groove-oriented improvisational-minded folk rock with a smattering of world music flavors..." -Jamie Lee Rake (Shepherd Express June 8, 2008). Mathew's eclectic sound and professional drive has yielded many acolytes for him, since he began his career in 2002. Some of his achievements include nearly 900 shows performed across the Midwest in 60 different cities at over 200 different venues. Always humble on a personal level and extremely dedicated to the art of music, Haeffel plans to continue to do what he loves for years to come.

Although Mathew calls Milwaukee Wisconsin home, he performs throughout the region regularly. He has been fortunate enough to grace the stages of a variety of clubs, restaurants, colleges, festivals, and coffee houses throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota.

In early 2010 Mathew released his first first full length LP, “Rhythm Ethics”. This album is by far Mathew’s best sounding to date, and continues to be well receive
d by fans and critics a like. Recorded at United Technique Recording Studio in Chicago Illinois, it consists of top end recording techniques fused with quality studio guests including, the great twin cities based organist Ricky Peterson (John Mayer, Prince, Bonnie Raitt…) Milwaukee Wisconsin based bassist Matt Turner (BoDeans, De la Buena, Stealin’ Strings…), Milwaukee based bassist Larry Hubbard (Bass X), and Milwaukee based drummer Cody Calderon (Chinese Fingertrap, Herman Astro, etc.). The support from these quality musicians during the recording of “Rhythm Ethics”, reflects Mathew’s maturity as a performer, and respect other working musicians have for his sound.

Due in part to the success of "Rhythm Ethics" along with the collective support from his fans, Mathew has been working hard to put the finishing touches on a new single in 2011. Scheduled to be released in early fall, "Hey But A What A", will once again reflect Mathew's creativety and thirst to be innovative in the recording process. Recorded at Top Soil Studios in Oshkosh by Brian Koehler, "Hey But A What A" marks the first official time that he has recorded a song exclusively in the classic analog tape medium. Backing Haeffel up in prime style on this new song, are the great Milwaukee musicians Dan "Buddah" Budziszewski (Ian And The Dream, Shoeless Revolution...) on organ, rhodes piano, and backing vocals, and the late Milwaukee drummer Tim Reck (The Reck Room, The Crooked Keys, Micah Olsan And The Hype Machine...) on drums and backing vocals.

Always humble on a personal level and extremely driven professionally, Haeffel plans to continue to utilize all available avenues, as a means to do what he loves for years to come. In turn he plans to maintain his loyalty to the art of music, and to encourage other musicians who encounter him to do so as well.

Nov 18th
Nick Foytik
Hailing from the pines of Northern Wisconsin, Nick began playing guitar at 15. From early on, his songs have shown a connection to the blues, soul, and rock n’ roll. Now, with more than 20 years of experience, Nick continues to work as a guitar for hire, but spends most of his time getting his own music heard. As his solo act moves around the Midwest growing momentum, he also focuses on the Nick Foytik Band, catching the ears of their audiences anywhere they go. Whether you’re seeing Nick solo or with his band, you’re always in for a unique and quality performance.

Nov 19th
Moooose the Band

Nov 25th
Dana Erlandson
I am one blessed and lucky man !! I have opened for and in many cases played with: Jackson Browne, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, John Hiatt, America, Nanci Griffith, Jerry Jeff Walker, The BoDeans, Tanya Tucker, David Bromberg, Al Stewart, Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart, Steve Forbert, Melanie, Richie Furay, Leo Kottke, Todd Snider, David Lindley, Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys, John Hartford, James McMurtry, John McEuen & Vassar Clements, The Nashville Bluegrass Band, Paul Thorn, Lucy Kaplansky, Brewer & Shipley, Kevin Montgomery, Greg Trooper and Pat MacDonald.. I have been an active member of the music scene in this part of the upper midwest that I call home, for more years than I should admit. I have loved it all. I have friends that I have made music with in GLASS, TWO WAY STREET, FORGIVEN, the GARAGE BAND, the DOWGS, and most recently..the ROCKETS, the MEGA-WATTS, and the Roy Orbison tribute "DREAM BAND" whom I truly love and respect. I have tried to keep my head straight and my feet on the ground. I have always kept my day job and the bills paid...... So in the words of John Prine (who is still number one on my WISH LIST of people to play with...waddya say Johnny?) How lucky can one man get!?

Nov 26th
A Thanksgiving Tradition
Burnt Toast and Jam
Dewgrass from the center of the Universe

Dec 2nd
Grayling Pingel

Dec 3rd
David Deon and the Soul Inperations

Dec 9th
Clinton Miller

Dec 10th
Lonesome Red and the Blue Strings

Dec 16th
Ric Stream

Dec 17th
Buck Johnson and the Plumbers

New Years Eve
The Jay Schultz Trio



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