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Live Entertainment 2014 

June 28th
The Bluetones
Milwaukee, WI
From Muddy waters to Albert King this band will bring you the "Blues" and show you some get down and boogie "R&B" music!

July 4th
Chuck Johnson
Great Musician who will keep you wanting more music all night long!!!

July 5th
Irenes Garden
Stevens Point, WI
Organic Music which feeds the Soul

July 11th
The Contary
Menominee, MI
The Contrary is an acoustic duo from Menominee Michigan who are passionate about bringing you the highest quality music experience.
They cover a wonderful variety of songs ranging from rock icons such as The Beatles, Tom Petty, and Bob Seger to modern day artists like Adele and Bruno Mars.

July 12th
Rebel One
Wausau, WI
.is a Central Wisconsin cover band that focuses primarily on '90s alternative music, but plays a wide range of music from the '60s through the present. They are focused on having fun and providing great entertainment, all while playing some of their favorite music. If you want to have a good time listening to a professional cover band that plays great music, Rebel One is your band!
bobALLEN - lead vocals/guitar
Prior to forming rebelONE, Bob had played in numerous bands around central Wisconsin, most notably as the lead guitarist for Brad Emanuel and the Groove Men. After the Groove Men disbanded, Bob joined forces with Chad Franzen and Wyatt Burclaw to form rebelONE. Bob is known for his tenor vocal range and experimenting with guitar effects. He primarily plays a Fender American Standard Telecaster through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe tube amp.
wyattBURCLAW - backing vocals/bass guitar 
Wyatt's genre-spanning influences as a bass player can be heard throughout his playing. Artists such as Stefan Lessard, Nick Fyffe, Stuart Zender, Alex Katunich, Ryan Martinie, Justin Chancellor and Arif Mirabdolbaghi have helped shape his playing style. He is a highly skilled musician and has played in various bands throughout Wisconsin. He is known for his smooth, rich tones and primarily plays a 5-string Warwick Streamer Jazzman.
chadFRANZEN - backing vocals
Known for his steady, Dave Grohl-inspired drumming, Chad is the backbone of rebelONE. After playing in various bands in his teens and early 20's, Chad took a break to focus on other interests. Eventually he began playing with singer/songwriter Charles Cornele and shortly after that formed rebelONE along with Bob and Wyatt. He plays on a 4-piece Mapex Saturn Series drumset with Tama and Pearl hardware. He also uses both Vic Firth SD2 Bolero and Zildjian Dave Grohl Signature Series sticks.

July 18th

Clinton Miller
Bowler, WI
 Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist - Clinton Miller brings a blend of his original solo acoustic music and selected classic covers. A mix of classic music from the Blues, 60s/70s Rock to Grunge.
July 19th
The Lizards
Wisconsin Rapids, WI
NEW ALBUM "EYEBLINDER" OUT NOW - Check out - Central Wisconsin's Premier British, Classic, and Original Rock and Roll Band
Central Wisconsin's Hardest Working Band - active since 1987 - this band plays British, Classic, and Original Rock. They are currently in the process of recording their debut album. They have been known to cover the album cuts, B-sides, and will occasionally cover their own songs.
Our influences Blue Oyster Cult, The Radiators, Badfinger, Todd Rundgren, Levon Helm, Richie Castellano, Rory Gallagher...the list goes on.

July 25th

Grayling Pingel
Clintonville, WI

July 26th
Playbox is an electric young band that formed in Green Bay, WI in early 2009. This quartet of musicians looks to expand outside the Northeast Wisconsin area to add to the rapidly growing fan base and share their love for music. Playbox is known for high energy shows ranging from a variety of originals to classic rock covers, including Bon Jovi, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Aerosmith, to modern music such as Shinedown, Godsmack, and Rob Zombie. As their repertoire of songs continues to increase past several hours of entertainment Playbox looks to please all tastes in music while splicing in original songs along the way. With a constantly changing list of material, fans can expect a fresh show every time they come back to see Playbox. Playbox has played the same stage as national acts such as Skindred, Powerman 5000, and Nonpoint. Anyone leaving a Playbox concert is sure to have had a good night!

Aug 1st
The Sharrows
Madison, WI
Traveling roots-rock-and Rollers

Aug 2nd

August 8th and 9th "Rockin in the Woods"
Two day event outside under the tent
Full Bar outside/Food and FUN

Proceeds to benifit Wounded Warrior Program
$5 cover(vets free)

The Last 3 Flavors
Grayling Pingel
(doors open at 6pm)

Burnt Toast & Jam
The Bar Tab Band
Rusty Fingers

(doors open at 2pm)

Aug 15th
Ric Stream
Iron Mountain, MI.  
Using self-produced backing tracks while providing live vocals, guitar and bass, Ric Stream recreates great songs from the 50's thru the 80's (along with some 90's and 00's).  Whether it be the Rock & Roll or Rockabilly of the 50's, 60's Garage Rock or British Invasion, Punk or Progressive Rock from the 70's, or even 80's New Wave, close your eyes and you'll think the original artist showed up to play!

 Aug 16th
The Dave Olsen Band
 Appleton, WI
Dave was introduced to the Blues after seeing Eric Clapton’s From the Cradle Tour in 1994. Primarily a self taught guitarist, unable to read music, most of his guitar playing has been learned by ear, or by others. His interests and influences are Tab Benoit, Freddie King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Bonamassa, Keb Mo and many others. Dave loves playing the guitar, and has played out since 2009.
Jeff started his musical career playing the trumpet at age 7, but the bass guitar (and Rock n’ Roll) soon took priority, and he embarked on a musical tour that would eventually last 10 years on the road. He has played bass (and was also lead singer) with 80’s pop band Bacchus Lotus, The Steps, The Heat, and the critically acclaimed Appleton band, Smoketree. Jeff has played on, written, and recorded numerous CD’s, and has logged countless hours on stage and in the studio. 
Jimmy has played with Jules Blattner and The Warren Groovy All-Star Band, a legendary St. Louis entertainer and recording artist. (1970-1981). He has also had numerous album and 45 RPM releases including MGM’s “Back On The Road Again.” He has played up to 300 nights a year from Canada to Florida and often hung out with Cheap Trick and Head East when playing in the Chicagoland area. Jimmy is also one of the founding members of Milwaukee-based band, Five Guys With Day Jobs.(1989-2006) This band played at Summerfest, Bastille Days, the Wisconsin State Fair, and other major events.
Russell is from the Fox Valley and has many varied musical experiences, from rock to jazz, to blues. He has played with artist’s such as Tom Theabo, Little Davy Max, Rattlers, and Jeff Johnston. Late musical experiences focus on rhythm and blues including Reverend Raven, Bobby Evans, The Joe Tones, Michael Murphy, Jimmy Clark and the great Gary Shaw. Along with Jeff, Russell forms a dynamite rhythm section.
Blues-rock, Blues, Rock/ Surf/ Country

Aug 22nd
Jerry Duginski
Wausau, WI
I live the life of a Rockstar so you don't have to
Aug 23rd
Fat Guy & the Little Coats Band
Great Rock n Roll all night long!!

Aug 29th
J-me Baptist
Wausau, WI
With an eclectic acoustic collection of classic rock hits, obscure covers, top 40 favorites and original tunes with a punk rock twist, all from a voice that'll stick in your head long after the night is over

Aug 30th 

Sept 5th

Sept 6th
Acoustic Classic Rock
Beatles, Eagles, Byrds and more...

Sept 12th
Robert Allen
Wausau, WI
Focusing on pop, rock, and alternative covers from the 60's to the present, Bob is sure to play something you'll love.  Primarily known as the lead singer of Central Wisconsin cover band, Rebel One, Bob puts on a fun show every time. Whether you just enjoy relaxing and having a drink or you like to dance and sing along, come on out and have a good time! 

Sept 13th
Mike Murphy and the MOB
This Midwest recording artist was born in April, 1950, and raised in the midst of the heat and fervor of a Southern Baptist environment. Michael Murphy sings with all the emotion of an old time “tent revival” preacher. Michael cut his vocal teeth in the church his Grandmother forced him to attend... everytime the doors opened! It was this gospel singing that led Michael to appreciate and understand the feeling with which his fellow churchgoers sang. The emotion and honesty expressed in these vocalizations stuck with him. He can’t just sing quietly, instead, he belts out his songs with all the “gut-bucket” energy he can muster. His guitar playing reflects the same kind of fervent fire that you’ll find in his haunting, soulful vocals.
"But, whatever you call him, you have to call him a blues singer."
He is called the "Big Dog", because of his rather large stature, and his "gravelly, growling" voice. He's also known as the "Memphis Ghost", as his extremely light skin complexion, beneath stage lighting teases the imagination to believe. But, whatever you call him, you have to call him a blues singer. He won't let you call him a "bluesman", even though he is no stranger to a life of hardship and pain, with the occasional instance of joy and laughter. "Bluesmen", he says, "are men like Charlie Patton, Robert Johnson, B.B. King. They created the music. They blazed the trail. I just follow the path. I just love it, and play it."
Whether offering a fast, sizzling, deep-fried, foot stompin' song, or, as he calls'em, a "buckle polishin'" slow blues number, his style keeps you wanting to hear more and more. His fans lament that they find themselves having to leave the show when it’s over, still wanting more. But, one thing they all agree on. They always leave his performances feeling much better than when they came in. As Bruce Pratt, an East coast event promoter puts it, “Dog gives you a twenty dollar show for a two dollar ticket!”
He is one of the finest blues vocalists around, and an excellent guitarist as well, with a guitar style that echoes his vocal style - raw, emotional, and honest.
When complimented on his singing and playing, he just grins and mutters, in an almost Elvis kind of way, “Thank you very much.” But, when he is sitting around with his friends and fellow musicians, you might hear him say, “Shoot. I wouldn’t hire me as a guitar player!”
But don’t you let that remark fool you. He is one of the hottest players and singers in the genre today. Not, blazing, slinger fast, but extremely emotional, and uncomplicated. Of his playing he says, “I just bend’em till they sound right."
He has the ability to transport you to a particular place in time, when he sings and plays. He captures your heart and soul, and takes you with him, to wherever, whatever and whoever he is singing about. You feel like you are there in every circumstance, every heart-break, every moment of rejoicing and laughter, every discovery of self. And, he does it with a boyish, honest, storytelling charm, within a craft honed through years and years of sitting in dark corners, walking on beer stained, peanut hull covered floors, and, befriending every stage on which he sat or stood. 
He is just as at home in the blue glow of neon lit beer signs, as he is in the concert hall; and, is quite comfortable in the moving shadows given life by a small juke-joint’s lamps, swinging over an old, booze stained pool table. He calls every waitress “Darlin’”, and every bar-tender “Sir”. He is a product of a time when life was hard, and complicated only if you let it defeat you. His was a life lived making memories. He knows pain. He knows joy. He knows love and heartache. He knows defeat and victory.  He knows the blues.
Michael Murphy. The Big Dog. The Memphis Ghost. He is quite a character. He is a song.

Sept 27th
The BlueTones
Milwaukee, WI
From Muddy Waters to Albert King this band blends rock, blues and R&B and will keep you dancin all night long!!



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