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Live Entertainment 2016 

Jan 2nd
Grayling Pingel

Jan 8th
Dynamic Duo
Chris & Doug

I can not describe this duo...come listen come laugh come rock your socks off!!

Jan 9th
Evergreen Grass Band
Eau Claire, WI
Deep in the Northwoods of Wisconsin a group of pissed off bluegrass pickers decided they wanted to change bluegrass for all mankind. They failed to do so. Now, they just continue their barnstorm of the Mid-West in hopes of one day to play a song so fast, that it actually disrupts the space-time-continuum.

“ Armed with lightning fast, laser accurate bluegrass instruments, the EverGreen Grass Band takes stage loaded for bear and delivers a show that takes no prisoners. Their expert chops, homespun original tunes and sparkling vocal harmonies conquer the summits of musical elevations that many bands attempt, yet so few achieve. Do not miss this show” - Martha Galep, Minnesota Bluegrass and Old Time Music Association Harvest Jam Director

“An excellent choice for the first year of our festival. They have a large, enthusiastic fan base that really drew a crowd. Our best bet for success is to be sure we book them next year” - Dan Callan, Organizer, ‘Grass On The Chippewa Bluegrass Festival (Durand, WI)

“The band’s style is as refreshing as these young fellers’ attitudes: have a lot to say, play it fast (but not hard) and dump the weary arrangements for some jam busting, kick ass takes on the traditional sound” - Volume One Magazine (Eau Claire, WI)

The seeds were sown for the EverGreen Grass Band in 2008 and cultivated throughout the fertile musical grounds of Eau Claire, WI. The six members of the band, including Chicago import Steve Bateman (harmonica), gathered their traditional bluegrass instruments and grew into one of the most sought after non-traditional bluegrass acts on the Northwood’s musical frontier.

Whether headlining a show or opening for such national acts as Trampled By Turtles, .357 String Band, Pert Near Sandstone or Cornmeal, just to name a few, the band has discovered that once they play a venue they are likely to get invited back. This pattern played out throughout 2010 as these self-proclaimed “not quite a bluegrass band” musicians spent the festival season barnstorming the Midwest building their fan base and promoting their first CD, “For Sheriff”.

2010 saw the release of their much-awaited CD, which received critical acclaim in Volume One, Eau Claire’s art and entertainment magazine. Shortly thereafter, EverGreen was voted “Best Bluegrass Band” in the same publication’s annual reader poll.

Jan 14th
Ike Arumba and the Infidels
Special Thursday Night Show
From soft acoustic to hard electric, Ike Arumba and the Infidels play to the hillbillies, country rebels, and rockers in us all. The band’s song list presents a wondrous array of good-humored themes, touching on real-life experiences like bad cars, ge#ng old, and love gone wrong, as well as the fantastic, such as songs about zombies and extra-terrestrial love. You will hear songs you recognize, and you will hear new ones that you will look forward to hearing again. It’s all about good times, so join the party and make some good memories with Ike Arumba and the Infidels

Jan 15th

Chad Brecke

Jan 16th
The Raglanders
The Raglanders began as a one-time collaboration assembled to play a single five song set at a Neil Young tribute concert. Audience reaction and undeniable group chemistry demanded that it become more. In short order an expanding set list of original songs, Classic Country, Americana, Alt-Country and Good ‘ol Rock and Roll grew in depth and variety. Tight arrangements, group vocal hooks, instrumental prowess and flights of improvisation became the trademarks of a red hot Raglanders show.
Frontman Troy Heinz has been a fixture of the Green Bay music scene for over a decade as a solo artist and member of The Bar Tab Band and The Farm League. In the Spring of 2014 Troy approached local scene veterans Bonzai McPherson with the offer of a set at the second annual Neil Fest, held at Green Bay’s historic Riverside Ballroom. Armed with more experience than a Reno lot lizard, the four-piece Bonzai McPherson proved to be just the solid, edgy, tasteful backing group the rock and roll doctor ordered. Bonzai McPherson consists of (appearing alphabetically): Jerry Carstens (guitar, vocals), Andy Cismoski (bass, vocals), Chris Schoenecker (drums, vocals), and John Steuck (guitar, vocals).
In addition to the requisite Neil Young material, The Raglanders play rapid-fire sets packed with songs sure to appeal to fans of groups like: The Band, Little Feat, The Drive-By Truckers, Wilco, J.J. Cale and The Replacements.

Jan 22nd

Max Jones & Keith Farnum
It is true that Max Jones and Keith Farnum are not the prettiest musicians you will ever see. However, what they lack in visual appeal they make up for with emotion and guts; both of which spill out freely during their blues and classic rock duo show. Armed with guitar and bass, Max and Keith will Robert Johnson and Jimi Hendrix and everything in between; all of your favorites, including songs that you were not aware were your favorites until you heard them done by Max and Keith. Your search for soulful, dirty blues and rock ends here.

Jan 23rd
Matt Haeffel Band
Milwaukee, WI
From performance adjustments, to a heavy player rotation, Mathew Haeffel's dynamic presence is constantly in a fluid state of change, and evolving at a rapid pace. Hard to pigeon hole, Milwaukee's cultural newspaper, "The Shepherd Express" described Haeffel's original self penned sound as "Groove-oriented improvisational-minded folk rock with a smattering of world music flavors..." -Jamie Lee Rake (Shepherd Express June 8, 2008). Mathew's eclectic sound and professional drive has yielded many acolytes for him, since he began his career in 2002. Some of his achievements include nearly 900 shows performed across the Midwest in 60 different cities at over 200 different venues. Always humble on a personal level and extremely dedicated to the art of music, Haeffel plans to continue to do what he loves for years to come.

Although Mathew calls Milwaukee Wisconsin home, he performs throughout the region regularly. He has been fortunate enough to grace the stages of a variety of clubs, restaurants, colleges, festivals, and coffee houses throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota.

In early 2010 Mathew released his first first full length LP, “Rhythm Ethics”. This album is by far Mathew’s best sounding to date, and continues to be well received by fans and critics a like. Recorded at United Technique Recording Studio in Chicago Illinois, it consists of top end recording techniques fused with quality studio guests including, the great twin cities based organist Ricky Peterson (John Mayer, Prince, Bonnie Raitt…) Milwaukee Wisconsin based bassist Matt Turner (BoDeans, De la Buena, Stealin’ Strings…), Milwaukee based bassist Larry Hubbard (Bass X), and Milwaukee based drummer Cody Calderon (Chinese Fingertrap, Herman Astro, etc.). The support from these quality musicians during the recording of “Rhythm Ethics”, reflects Mathew’s maturity as a performer, and respect other working musicians have for his sound.

Due in part to the success of "Rhythm Ethics" along with the collective support from his fans, Mathew has been working hard to put the finishing touches on a new single in 2011. Scheduled to be released in early fall, "Hey But A What A", will once again reflect Mathew's creativety and thirst to be innovative in the recording process. Recorded at Top Soil Studios in Oshkosh by Brian Koehler, "Hey But A What A" marks the first official time that he has recorded a song exclusively in the classic analog tape medium. Backing Haeffel up in prime style on this new song, are the great Milwaukee musicians Dan "Buddah" Budziszewski (Ian And The Dream, Shoeless Revolution...) on organ, rhodes piano, and backing vocals, and the late Milwaukee drummer Tim Reck (The Reck Room, The Crooked Keys, Micah Olsan And The Hype Machine...) on drums and backing vocals.

Always humble on a personal level and extremely driven professionally, Haeffel plans to continue to utilize all available avenues, as a means to do what he loves for years to come. In turn he plans to maintain his loyalty to the art of music, and to encourage other musicians who encounter him to do so as well.

Jan 29th

Keith Kaleidoscope
Keith Kaleidoscope is a sci-fi folk rock artist from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Instrumentally, the sound starts with acoustic guitars, tambourines and drum machines, then filters through electronics for multi-layered compositions of oscillation and space.
Lyrically, the songs focus on emotion, dreams, and mystery, they take you on a trip down the rabbit hole to a world of pure imagination and color. The live show features costume and make-up, unique stage props and lights, making Keith a must-see performer.
Recommend if you like:
Jack White
Flaming lips
Purgatory Hill
Pink Floyd
David Bowie

Jan 30th

Lonesome Red and the Blue Strings

Feb 5th

Tim Balke
Degrass-bluegrass-good old rockin roll
Feb 6th
Classic's Annual Music Appreciation Night
Join us for our once a year celebration/open jam to appreciate the musicians in our area who enertain us all year long!  
Feb 12th
Jerry Dale Harris
Jerry Dale Harris (Indie Rock Singer-Songwriter), has been playing extensively ​throughout Northern Illinois ​& Central Wisconsin ​since his debut in 2012. He has shared the stage with artists & bands such as Jack Russell (Great White), Dilana (Rock Star Supernova), Hugo Ferrara (Tantric), ​The Last Vegas, ​Another Lost Year and Shallow Side among others.

Feb 13th

David Deon & the Soul Inspirations
Combining hot Southern Soul, jazz harmony and latin rhythms, David Deon &
The Soul Inspirations aim at the heart and mind. With performances that
range from a romantic croon to bluesy wail to the sanctified holler, The
Soul Inspirations aren't just another R&B band. Their debut release, "Let It
Go", evokes the slick funk of Chic, the sophisticated pop-jazz of Steely
Dan, and the searing, "I'm still standing" testifying of Harold Melvin & The
Blue Notes.

The product of David and Matthew Nelson's (The Dorothy Heralds, Josh Harty,
Lis Harvey) 20 year bond of brotherhood, The Soul Inspirations' mix early,
bare-knuckled Soul with Steely Dan-like arrangements and the straight up,
crowd pleasing interplay and dynamics of a well-travelled R&B band.

Feb 19th
Still Blue Duo
Still Blue is the Fox Valley's newest upscale blues duo. While the act is new, the players are talented and seasoned. Born and raised on the mean streets of Chicago, guitarist Marblehead Giles now hails from Oshkosh. He has been the lead guitarist for several successful area bands, including Tin Sandwich. Chris Evenson is from Sturgeon Bay and handles the bass, just as he's been doing for The Whiskey Sours and Blue & Gray. Still Blue's song list includes songs by Eric Clapton, Savoy Brown, Delbert McClinton, Howlin Wolf and some original material.

Feb 20th
Mike Murphy & the MOB
A different shade of blues describes the creative and entertaining playing style of Midwest recording artist Michael “Big Dog” Murphy. His playing style is a more aggressive interpretation of the blues that is fueled by passion and guided by his heartfelt emotions. As he stays true to the feeling of the blues, Michael Murphy takes a different approach by delivering a mix of traditional with a twist for the unexpected. The Blues is a state of mind, and Michael Murphy’s state of mind is to take you for a memorable ride on the blues train that you will never forget...get your ticket and hold on for a wonderful experience that you will never forget!
The Men Of Blues, or MOB, for short, is a very aggressive blues band with a heavy rock influence. They offer many different styles of blues and older 60’s and 70’s classic and folk-rock tunes, all freshly interpreted with their own style! And Michael’s original tunes are so good, seldom do people recognize them as NOT being songs by otherwise famous artists. Although not really a dance club band, their sound and music are very danceable. And people like to dance to their music, but they seldom take their eyes off of the band. Many of today’s dance bands depend on not only talent, but also lighting gimmicks and other visual aids. The MOB, with the immense talent and member interaction on stage, do not rely on gimmicks! They are not “a copy band!” They don’t sound like anybody else! They are, simply put, the MOB!
Find out more about Michael “Big Dog” Murphy here:

Feb 26th

Grayling Pingel

Feb 27th

Irenes Garden
Organic Rock for the Soul

March 4th
Jerry Duginski
He lives the life of the Rockstar so you don't have too!!

March 5th
The Liver Killers
Pat Schorr, Augie Barnhart, and Roelke Thunderbolt
Green Bay/Milwaukee
The Liver Killers consists of Pat Shorr, Augie Barnhart, and Roelke Thunderbolt. Acoustic Trio with rippin licks and harmonies. We attack your brain and make our way down to your liver.

March 11th
3 Guyz
3 guys is Wisconsin's true variety band. Covering rock, blues, r and b, and country from the 60s to today, they bring a unique twist to each show by incorporating special instruments into each show! Whether it be the telltale fruit box drum, a washboard, a home made shaker, or a cigar box guitar, or cowbell, its always a one of a kind show with a one of a kind instrument.

March 12th

March 18th

March 19th
St Pattys Day in the Mooseyard 2016
Mike Magee @ noon

Unified Soul @ 8pm
Wausau and Green Bay, WI
These guys play R&B, Funk, Soul, Smooth R&B, Jazz and a sprinkle of your Old Time Rock & Roll and Classic Rock favorites.
Unified Soul has been together for 10 years strong since 1998 continuing to spread their message of Peace, Love and Harmony amongst all people. Unified Soul’s venues are casinos, premier clubs, festivals, weddings, and all other private and corporate events.
Outside of traveling and playing music David Deon owns a production company/recording studio
Unified Talent Production(UTP) is a production company where the members of Unified Soul are songwriters and independent producers. UTP provides Songwriting, Artist Development, Independent Production projects, Demo Packages and have a functional recording studio in Wausau, WI. Writing styles include R&B, Soul, Neo-Soul, Hip Hop, Pop and Gospel primarily but not limited to those styles. The team is made up of Vocalist/Songwriter David Deon, a native of Nashville, Tn. with roots also in Atlanta. Keyboardist/Songwriter Marquis of Chicago, Ill. Mark and David Deon met in Greenbay, Wi. in 1995 and have been performing and collaborating every since and Jo-Jo Holloway of Rochester NY. This songwriting and producer trio are working with several artist including there own personal projects in Wisconsin and other areas throughout the midwest. The UTP team are interested in a songwriting deal and breaking into the music business as independent producers.

March 25th
Kyle Mertz

March 26th

April 1st

April 2nd
Wasted Stay

April 8th
Ric Stream

April 9th

April 29th
U-n-I members Dan Martino and Glenn McArdell began playing music together in 1984, fronting several top forty rock & roll bands in Livingston County, Illinois. In 1990 they decided to simplify their musical endeavors and formed U-n-I, a two piece band that combined sequencing and sampling technology with the great music they had loved in their early years. Over the course of five years, U-n-I gained a loyal following, playing venues in Illinois and Wisconsin. Because of work schedules and demands from other parts of their lives, after a five-year run, U-n-I disbanded and the boys played their last job on April 22, 1995...or so they thought.

Nearly 20 years later, in early 2014, Dan and Glenn reconnected and began to do a little singing in the living room or around a campfire and soon came the inevitable discussion about playing in front of people again. After clearing many obstacles and after updating the 1990s technology, the guys were ready to see if their spin of 60s and 70s pop/rock would be something people would still enjoy. In April 2015, almost exactly 20 years after that last performance, they began a new leg of the U-n-I journey. After nearly ten months, it appears that these incredible songs are something people still want to hear.


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